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Earlier this year, an interesting report showed an immense decrease in unemployment. However, this report did not mention that these results were based on Black unemployment. NewsOne decided to investigate why Black unemployment was declining at such a rate while other Americans are able to overcome unemployment somewhat easier.  What NewsOne discovered was that’s racial inequality continues to be present in the work force. They found that White Americans tend to favor other whites when it comes to the hiring processes.  Interestingly, they found that the Whites doing the hiring support equal opportunity. Though the statistics dhow differently. Statistics from the article showed that “the Black unemployment rate was nearly double that of Whites at 13.8 percent.”

 Another interesting point from the article was that many of the people interviewed blamed President Obama for not addressing this issue against Black unemployment and the way in which the hiring process is set up. Is it the president’s fault?  Is it the policies in place fault? In my opinion it is not President Obama’s fault it is the people who are still creating racial inequality. Instead of favoring a certain race, job opportunities should be based on merits and skill level. It all goes back to the concept of change. If people want to see change they must begin with themselves.

–Crystal Alvarado


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