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Illegal immigration is a hot topic in the United States. To many Americans illegal immigrants present an array of problems starting with the economy.George J. Borjas, an economist at Harvard University, has argued that the presence of illegal immigrants and the exploitation of them further widen the socioeconomic gap between the rich and the poor in the United States. This is due largely because  illegal immigrants are more willing to work for lower wages and as a result the wages are kept flat or depressed and thus the employment rates for legal U.S. citizens decrease at the same time because of the minimal work opportunities available to them. Aside from employment and wages, Americans are concerned about crime, drug trafficking, gang violence, identity theft, taxes and social services, environment degradation, terrorism, etcetera.

Furthermore, the latest update I found on the 2013 Immigration Reform was that the Senate approves the Border Surge Bill with a 69 to 29 vote. This bill would strengthen the security along the southern border of the United States and according to Laura Matthews, author of the article “Immigration Reform 2013: Senate Approves Border Surge Bill, 69-29” by calling for an additional 20,000 border patrol agents and a 700 miles of fencing. The bill is still due for a final voting, though many speculate that the reform bill might not leave the House and reform could fail in 2013. As I explored this topic in depth I came across this statement from Laura Matthew’s most recent article “Why the House Doesn’t Have To Pass A 2013 Immigration Reform Bill:”

Republicans know that siphoning Latino votes away from Democrats gives them a chance at occupying the White House again. Despite that, members may see wooing Latinos as secondary to a more pressing problem — next year’s re-election. With the presidential election three years away, it may just be the better gamble to secure a seat in the 114th Congress. But two studies released earlier this year by their own party reminded Republicans that it’s imperative they reach out to the Hispanic community.
“They know that the party will never see the inside of the White House until they get more of the Latino votes,” Jacoby said. “But many of them are also thinking about their own re-election next year and that might incline them to vote a different way. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m trying to be realistic and hold them to a realistic standard.

The first word that came into my head was hypocrites. Republicans wants to strengthen the border, impede illegal immigrants from attaining legal documentation, however, they do realize they must win their votes in order to get re-elected in next year’s election. They perceive immigrants as people who come into the United States to steal their jobs, live off of welfare and food stamps, and are lazy and inept, etcetera. Unfortunately with this mindset the best solution to the immigration problem is deportation. As the years go by, more and more Republicans and Conservatives seem to agree.


It is quite obvious where Immigration Reform is heading towards. I strongly believe that the Hispanic Community is extremely infuriated and disappointed of their unjust and unequal treatment. Whereas in 2012 Immigration Reform was ranked No. 2 as the Most Important Issues it is now ranked No. 1 followed by the Economy/Jobs. I always believed that if Immigrations were granted citizenship, it would boost the economy not do any harm.


We hear and read about the 2013 Immigration Reform and its benefits and its consequences and we sympathize and empathize with the illegal immigrants yet we think that there is so little we can do. But it only takes a courage, well-educated, and persistent populous to bring change because this is not just about Immigration Reform anymore it really is an equal Human Rights issue. 


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