Ezmeralda Garcia Blog 1

One of the most important debates facing Congress today is the issue of immigration reform. Although the Immigration Innovation Act has passed in the Senate, there are still further procedures the bill must undergo before it is either accepted or denied. Technology companies have targeted Senators such as Senator Orrin Hatch (Republican – Utah), to support the increase of H1-B Visas as an amendment to the bill. The H1-B Visas are temporary visas for high skilled foreign workers. This visa grants high skilled immigrants the right to work in the United States and potentially gain citizenship in the future. This amendment is in the interest of Technology corporations due to the fact that they would profit more by paying a foreign worker a lower wage.

Domhoff describes the concept of power in relation to social class. As one of the three power indicators, he explains the “who wins” as the analytical theory of how government decisions are made. Explaining how the corporate community tries to influence the decision-makers in the government, it is evident that this indication of power is present in the current issue of immigration reform. As tech lobbyist continue to network with Members of Congress, relations are being built and a class domination is occurring in the federal government.




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