Natasha Cervantes
Going through the blog and trying to find an article that was interesting, yet different than the others posted, I thought would be quite a challenge.  Within moments of searching I saw this article and it is very clear that the issues women once faced at the peak of the feminist revolution of the 1960s and 1970s are still prevalent today.  This article displays that models a.k.a young beautiful women are put under tremendous stress and scrutiny to be thin.  These women are going to great lengths that are even further than some of the things they have done and even still do.  It is no secret that women who model for a living use their body image to make money.  What is the ongoing secret is how they maintain their body image in hopes to get that perfect shot or to wear that couture garment just right for the designer.  In this article it breaks down one of the newer ways to “stay thin.”  Many people know of the more common eating disorders that models are plagued with like anorexia or bulimia, but now it seems that they are tricking their body into thinking it has food by ingesting cotton balls soaked in orange juice.

The idea that women are doing anything harmful to their bodies in order to create a perfect image that is impossible to do instead of concentrating on expanding their mind and making an impact on the world intellectually is an example of the inequality between men and women and is reflected in the social class of each gender.  Where the norm for a women is to use her body and “good looks” to make money, while the norm for a man is to use his brain and muscle to make money and the “good looks” are irrelevant.  There are many other instances of gender inequality like the pay rate difference regardless of how equal the education or experience is, but it is not as out in the open.  People have become desensitized to the fact that women still have to use their “looks and body image” to maintain a place in the occupational prestige ladder that men climb easily by just doing their job.  Although many changes have been made in the work place like standards against sexual harassment, there is still more work to be done to raise the level of inequality of males and females toward an equal plane.  The only way to create a completely equal plane is to educate others on this topic so that they can step away from unconsciously supporting inequality by purchasing or doing the act that creates the unequal plane that males and females interact in.

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