Jennifer Rener Blog 1

Jennifer Rener Blog 1

Femininity and Equality

Although many people in today’s society believe that we are equal in all senses of the word, we are not. We are not equal by any means necessary. I’m personally not particularly interested in feminism even though I am a woman but I am glad I have rights that enable me to pursue certain goals in my life. There seems to be a really negative connotation with the word feminism. If a woman says she’s a feminist, it typically leads her peers to believe she’s a “feminazi” which may not be true. Feminism is wanting equality within a society regardless of gender or sex. I love this picture that I posted. I think that too many believe that if you’re a feminist, you automatically hate men and want women to take over the world and have there only be women everywhere. Whether or not you agree with that is your own issue. But I don’t think that in order to be a feminist or even to simply believe in equality, that women should have to degrade themselves and their beauty to become men. You can be a feminist and still be a woman (however you define being a woman). I honestly love the fact that this woman’s shirt is undone and you can see her boob popping out a little bit. And I also appreciate that even though she’s dressed in what seems to be a man’s outfit, she’s still wearing make up, her hair is still done for the most part, and she looks happy. This woman is beautiful in all shapes and forms. She’s beautiful in the sense that she is a woman and in the sense that she is dedicated and ok with getting her hands dirty if she has to. None of these things make her less than a woman or man.


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