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Is Social Inequality Causing Schizophrenia?




Researchers used data from a psychosis study in East London that measured participants’ mental health as well as their social environment. This data has positiviely identified a correlation between people who suffer from Schizophrenia and their social environment. 

Along with the incidence of Schizophrenia, there is a relationship with the types of neighborhoods Schizophrenics come from. These are urban neighborhoods where the majority are lower class. Most importantly, there are three environmental factors the predict Schizophrenia: increased deprivation, increased population density, and increased inequality. This proves to be very important because we are living in very tough times where making end meet is very hard. We are spending less money in all areas including food expenditure and there is obviously a general population increase. Due to social disparities, more and more people are kept living in poverty and in poor neighborhoods. Can this indicate an increase in Schizophrenics in the future? Possibly, however, I hope this is not the case because again, there are many social inequalities even within the government programs that are supposed to help those in need. 

Will the fact that social inequalities are now affecting individuals’ mental health help mobilize an effort to decrease deprivation, maintain population density, and decrease inequality? I am not entirely sure given that this country was built on discrimination and inequality, however, as the saying goes:” Faith dies last.”

– Mireya Cano


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