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Black Unemployment Driven By White America’s Favors For Friends

I came across this very interesting article on Racial Inequality.  It talks about Black unemployment driven by White Americans and how they perceive those outside the “white community.” It seems that majority of whites have an unconscious racist attitude when among each other.This attitude affects the workplace and makes it difficult for minorities to find jobs. Author Nancy DiTomaso states that “Across all three states where I did my research, I heard over and over again [white] people admitting that they don’t interact very often with non-whites, not at work, not at home or otherwise.” This was shocking to me due to the time we live in and how diversity is so common in our society. There seems to be some sort of network present in the workplace among white individuals. These networks are where they share the same norms and collective attitudes of social acceptance. Basically that different colored people do not share the same norms as whites and come from different social cultures per say. Even though as Americans we are all apart of the same society, certain individuals in this case white Americans exhibit racial inequality. DiTomaso states that most white Americans engage in at least a few times a year in activities that foster inequality. These actions go back to the classic beliefs of white superiority that some are still primed at a young age. Nowadays in the workplace most are subtle about their racial prejudices except when they are with their friends who also happen to be white. When put in that setting and comfortable with the person of the same race that is where ideologies of racial inequality are present. I felt that after reading this article that there is a strong possibility that we are all at times prejudice or say racist remarks among friends. When we interact with people who feel the same way as us we have no filter and sometimes say ignorant remarks whether it be jokingly or not. Our society needs to be aware of these unconscious attitudes and how they lead to racial inequality not only at work but out in public as well.  


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