The Dream Act By:Stephanie Mendez


The Dream Act is a topic that I have had intrest in looking into for a while now however I have not had the chance to do more research on how it affect’s illegal immigrants. Personally, I know what affect it has had on the people around me such as close friends and close family members. Many of my older cousins were born in Mexico but raised in California their entire life. They consider themselves Mexican but in manny ways they also consider themselves American. Many have taken their education very seriously and have graduated with honors however many were discouraged to attend a University because of their legal status. Illegal students who have worked extremely hard to receive a good education should have the chance the attend a University without the thought of not being able to pay for college or have the option to receive federal aid. Furthermore, I have many friends who attend Ivy Leagues and other great University’s however they struggle paying their tuition and in order to do so they have to work full time and attend school full time.

In the Article Who and Where the Dreamers are it is shown that dreamers ( Illegal immigrants) are not only Hispanic students but students all over the world. In order to apply students must be 15 years of age and must have been living in the country for at least a total of 5 years. Although all of these students were not born in America they want to strive for a better education and live the American Dream. Undocumented students should be granted the opportunity to receive citizenship and study and better our community  as well. Their intentions of becoming citizens is honorable, all they want is to better their eduction and their overall life.



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