Are you excited about the World Cup?

Are you excited about the World Cup?

There are a lot of people excited about the upcoming 2014 world cup, but not the people in Brazil. In 2003 a group of students began a movement called “The Free Faire Movement”. Asking the government to make public transportation free for students but when plans to host the world cup went up so did public transportation. Brazil is known for having “the most expensive public transportation” but they wanted to make it even more expensive by raising its fairs by twenty cents. People were not happy about it and protested; peaceful protests were going on around brazil since the beginning of June. The government decided to keep transportation fares down but people were still not happy.
Many Brazilians are not happy with the Fifa organization and would rather use the billions spent on stadiums and hotels for better education and transportation services. Many people in Brazil may not have the privilege of watching a single game but for the elite that has the money to spend on the luxury of a better experience. Brazil is spending billions of dollars on building its stadiums and hotel and at the same time it’s displacing the poor families that surround the stadium. Most people would think that by having the world cup there it would benefit the people and its country but it only benefits the rich. The people who have the money to invest will benefit by making more money. Whereas the lower class will only stay as being lower or middle class because the rich keep getting richer.
In a country plagued with corruption and violence, there government is looking for a profit from the upcoming world cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016. Lower and middle class families will not be able to afford ticket to any games because of the luxury and money put to the stadiums. Many of these protests will continue if things don’t change. It can potentially affect tourists wanting to visit the upcoming games.

-Sonia Vera


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