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For many years now, gay marriage has been a big issue in many states. As of June 2013, proposition 8 has passed allowing legal rights for people of the same sex to marry in the state of California. As assumed, there is still a lot of contradiction going around about this law. Many people are still not content with the idea of giving legal rights to people of the same gender to marry. The Supreme Court reported that this law passed by 52% of the votes, this demonstrates that there are still many people that do not agree with this law (Gay Marriage). Many people believe that gay marriage is bad because it is not really considered a marriage, that it denies children to have both a mother and a father, and many states that it offends God.

In society the norm is to see a man marry a women and bias versa, but as the years move along we begin to see more people of the same sex show affection in public. It is not like before that people where embarrassed to walk holding hands with their girlfriend or boyfriend of the same sex in the streets.  Nowadays social class is not a big issue as it was before. If a upper class person is attracted to someone who is under their class they are allowed to marry or become great friends. It is not much of a big deal but there is still a big percentage of upper class people who rather be alone or be around people of their division. In the case of gay marriage there seems to not be any issues of social class, but there was with inequality. Gay marriage was being treated as if it was a joke because gay people where being denied the right to share their love and be happy with their partners just because they were of the same gender. I believe it is a great thing that proposition 8 was passed because know everyone can be treated equal and have the same rights in some way. Gay people are human as well and are allowed to live and express themselves as freely as a heterosexual person would.,0,6776707.story


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