Sophia Truong, Blog 1


This is a cartoon that is very representative of our world today. It shows many symbolic meanings of inequality. In society today, there are so few people that are considered the elite and wealthy while there are countless amounts of the poor. In this picture, you can see that there is a white man feasting by himself. He is sitting higher than the other people meaning that he is above them in a social hierarchy. In this picture is also many black figures where they are reaching towards the food, however, are not coming to reaching their goal. These people are shaded black, and could represent the non-whites of our world that do not have as much money as the whites. Notice the ratio of the white man compared to the black figures. It is a 1 to 10 ratio, meaning there is one rich man compared to 10 poor people. This is similar to our discussion we had in class. The richest people will always have the resources to staying rich, and the poor people find it hard to move up in social mobility. This is still a relevant issue occurs today.


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