Suthikiat MAtthew Phutisatayakul Blog Entry 1 – Used and Exploited

ImageIn Bangladesh this past April, there was a recent garment factory fire in a factory hired by Wal-Mart that took the lives 1127 people. There was a lot of safety issues with the building and it continued to run without a permit for the unsafe top floor that was built. According to the Huffington post in 2011 there was a proposal to the world’s largest retailers such as Wal-Mart, JC Penny, and many others to pay $500,000 a year to help keep safety regulations up to date in these factories but was rejected by the companies. The 1 percent have less class consciousness about the other 99 percent and as a result do not have a clue to what is happening because in today’s society, they are just the name of the company, they have others run it and they mistreat out of greed. The one’s that have it the worst in today’s global economy are the one’s that do not have strictly enforced labor laws. They are being exploited by the 1 percent and they have no choice but to be enslaved by these corporations. The inequality we face as a world is hard to overcome especially when the 1 percent or the Bourgeoisie control the media and fill our minds with propaganda like what to buy and depictions and stereotypes of each other. Instead of the proletariat knowing one’s class and coming together to recognize that they are being exploited, they are playing into the role of wanting to become like the bourgeoisie and living the lifestyle of the 1 percent. Image


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