“World Worried About Inequality” by Jessica Mallari

World Worried About Inequality

“World Worried About Inequality”

In the article “World Worried About Inequality”, Katie Simmons, a research associate from Pew Research Center, confirms in her research that the gap between the rich and the poor has been at an all time discrepancy. As mentioned in the documentary “The One Percent,” Simmons records that, “large majorities believe that their particular nation’s economic system favors the wealthy, according to a new 39-country survey. The very wealthy have the power over the nation’s economic system and tend to limit the money to only their families. Simmons has also found that those in the lower class have been more open about their inequality throughout the recession.

After watching the documentary, and reading this article, I noticed that majority of the information given in both sources overlapped. I personally feel for the 99%; however, have tried to understand the perspective of the 1%. I do understand the need to put yourself and your family first before being able to help others, but I also believe that only a certain amount of money is necessary to do so. I am not saying that the rich should donate their money because I believe it is their right to do what they please with what they have earned whether that be through inheritance or their own work. However, I would like for those in power to understand those who do not have as much power. Through this understanding, I would only hope that those in power would partake in action against the evident inequality present throughout society.


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