Jasmeet Samra Blog 2

On Sunday June 30, 2013, the Supreme Court denied the approval for a request to stop gay marriages in California. The ban on gay marriage was placed about 4 years ago so this ruling was the first time that gay marriage was allowed to occur in the state of California. The request was a counteract to the ruling on Friday the 28th of June that allowed gay couples to legally get married in California. The request was denied by Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy.  He refused to comment on the matter afterwards. The people who opposed the approval of gay marriage based their argument upon the fact that the court had cleared the ruling much too fast, and instead should have waited three more weeks.  In addition, according to the Supreme Court rules the losing side has a total of twenty-five days to request for a rehearing after a decision is made, but the court denied it before the remaining twenty one days had passed.  The Supreme Court felt that the Proposition 8 supporters (who are the opponents to gay marriage) did not have the proper evidence and support to back their argument successfully due to the fact that even the governor of California refused to support the ban.  This decision along with the removal of the 2010 ban on gay marriage that had been made previously by a lower court were all removed on Friday June 28th, 2013. After the ruling in a matter of only hours, gay couples that had patiently waited to get married were able to obtain their marriage licenses.  The gay couples were also able to enjoy a reception party held in San Francisco the same day. In the picture the outside of the courthouse is filled with a rainbow of colors to symbolize the victory that the gay community was able to achieve. It symbolized the acceptance that the gays now have in the legal realm. Overall, the ruling made by Justice Kennedy can be seen as one that was done for the equality of gay couples to have the same rights as other couples. It is a major breakthrough for the gay community and has allowed for people to not be treated as inferior or have access to fewer rights just because of their choice to be with someone who is of the same-sex. A person’s sexual orientation should not be a reason why they should have to face inequality. This inequality against gay couples that was taking place can be seen as similar to the discrimination that African-Americans had to undergo when they were judged as inferior simply because of their skin color. Just by denying gay-couples the right to obtain a legal marriage license was in turn setting them as inferior and unequal to other couples who were able to get a marriage license and thus creating class inequality.   Image


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