Gloria Ortiz Blog #2


McDonald’s exploiting employees?

It isn’t unheard of that many corporations exploit their employees. Inequality leads to many being exploited. Many employees who are being exploited choose to keep silent in order to maintain their job. Many promises are broken, when immigrants participating in work programs face reality that is far from what they were initially promised. 

‘This is not the America we believed in. We believe America is a beautiful country, where everyone can have respect and fair treatment at work.’

A foreign  exchange student Jorge Rios  from Argentina says he paid $3,000 to participate in a work program with McDonalds. He claims they not only failed to pay overtime, but also threatened the employees if they complained. He is accusing McDonalds of exploiting more than 18 students from Asia to Latin American who also paid from $3,000 to $4,000 to participate in the program. “We expected to have 40 hours of work a week, but we were given as little as four hours a week at the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour…The employer knew we were desperate for more hours, and he kept us on call to come in with 30 minutes’ notice all day and night. I didn’t even have time to visit the public library.’ stated Jorge Rios

 Aside from always being threaten that they were one call away from being deported, the students were also expected to pay $300 in rent for basement apartment with child size bunk beds. In the picture below you can clearly see they had no privacy.


Shocked at the conditions and the working schedule, Rios said that he spoke to the American employees at the McDonald’s franchise and he claims that though they were U.S. citizens, they were also victims of the exploitation. 

It is not only disturbing, but also inhumane to exploit any human being regardless of their immigration status. In this case, even the American employees are claiming to be exploited. It is also sad to think about how many exploitation cases go unnoticed. There needs to be more regulations regarding these work programs. 

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