Same Love -Mackelmore

After a major event in the Supreme Court decision of DOMA (Defense of Marriage act) I heard this song on the radio and felt that it was right in line with some of the readings. At the beginning of the song it explains a characteristic description as to what a 3rd grader thinks is “being gay.” It is a sign that the issue “being gay” is normalized, which if I am correct I believe that Freire would see it as a way the oppressors educate the oppressed, by using the banking concept to instill a “type” of person. Understanding the “types” people gives others maneuverability in situations so that they adapt to the situation instead of rise up from it. Normalizing a situation makes it ok and anything that is different is seen as out of the ordinary or strange.  For people out of the ordinary or strange is met with unease and people go about trying to “fix” the situation so that it flows with little disruption. Later in the 2nd verse it mentions how often “That’s Gay” is said by people who don’t really understand that what they are saying is a sensitive subject just like racist slurs today. When people don’t pay attention to the words they say and others don’t pay attention to the words they hear the meaning is becoming normalized. Normalizing a meaning is part of socialized learning, but words of hate that are becoming part of the socialization process are propaganda that has turned into brainwashing (another form of the banking concept).  Within the first verse he mentioned the people that try to “fix” the so-called problem (being gay). Based on Domhoff, who would consider this a group of people, in this song the right wing conservatives, using control tactics through two out of the four social networks: ideology and political. Using these two forms of social networks as a distributive power to maintain control over others to insure that their group is in control of the predominant influence of the society as a whole. This is mainly useful during conflicts with other groups to sway people to one side or the other and with the decision of the Supreme Court it is seemingly so that there is much more work to be done.

In the last verse of the song, “And a certificate on paper isn’t gonna solve it all but it’s a damn good place to start” I believe is in reference to letting same sex couples marry. The fact that the Supreme Court decision on DOMA didn’t exactly give a clean sweeping opinion toward marriage equality for the nation, but re-opened the door for each state to make changes to their individual constitutions in a way that gives same-sex couples the same opportunity of equality as hetero-couples is a start. As more states recognize that there should be equality rights regardless of sexual preference eventually the federal government will have to make similar changes that coincide with what the people have already established within their own state. Unfortunately I think it is going to take a lot more education in the form of what Freire describes as the problem posing method. Also Domhoff’s description of distributive power through social networks as an influential source for any major group is important to understanding how and why legal policies are what they are today. Until people realize that the majority can and would over power the minority, a concept described by Marx, the oppressors will use any and every tool at their disposal to keep the power and control in their possession.

This web site gives the current state-to-state standing on the issue of same sex marriage.  It will be interesting to see how the color ratios change, especially the red and the blue, post Supreme Court ruling.
Natasha Cervantes


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