Should there be a maximum wage?, Blog #2 Crystal Alvarado


A very recent report has shined light on the question, “Should there be a maximum wage?” In America today there is an ongoing debate about raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.00 an hour. Are those numbers really fair? The article stated that it is evident that in today’s society people are working far more and producing more but are not ‘seeing the gains’ of that labor. It also states that “Had the U.S. minimum wage kept pace with productivity increases since 1960, it would now be $22 per hour.” $22 dollars is nearly tripled the current minimum wage. While on the other hand, we have the one percent which arises the question of should there be a maximum wage? Over the past 20 years the one percent has increased their income by 60 percent. Given those statistics, Larry Hanley, proposed a “maximum wage law” that would put a cap on employers income. This means that their income cannot be more than 100 times the salary of their employees. Overall, I believe this is a good law that should be implemented. The inequality here is unbelievable seeing as just how difficult it has been to increase the minimum wage for lower class, middle class working people. The one percent will continue to increase their income if they are not given a limit. After all, all they wish for is to duplicate the amount of money they already own. -Crystal Alvarado


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