Stephanie Mendez Blog #2


I decided to use this particular picture it made me laugh and because it tells a story without any words. I interpreted the picture as women being just as strong and determined as any male.

Over the course of my four years in college I continue to learn and hear about the inequality between men and women. One of the most common topics brought up is the difference in wages, particularly between males and females. Men are known as making the most money and are often paid more than women even if they are doing the same job and are just as qualified as men. Then why the inequality between men and women ? Why are men still making more then women? That is my question!

According to Blake Ellis from CNN Money, women who attend college make 8,000 less than men who attend college as well. Now days I hear that women are making more than men and that more now than ever men are staying home  and taking care of the children, cooking while the Wife is out working. However, why is there still evidence that there is still a gender pay gap. According to this article men tend to major is careers that pay more such as engineering. However, even if men and women major in the same kind of field men are still payed more than women. It is also shown that women are being given less hours compared to men which demonstrates why women are earning 7 percent less than men a year. While men report working up to 45 hours a week women report only working 42 hours. This is big problem ! First, because women are being treated unequally and second because of the lower income wages, women are struggling more than men to pay their student loans. There seems to be no clear answer why women continue to earn less than men. It all just sounds like excuses being made it looks like gender inequality. I would love to graduate college and know that I would be just as valued as the young men who are graduating.

Women for years have fought to be treated equally and have fought to have the same rights as men however there is still a big gender inequality gap. Women are not payed the same they are under valued. It is time for women to be treated equally in every way that also includes how much they earn.


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