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High Levels of Income Inequality in the City of Angels


The photo above is a map of income distribution in the United States. The bright orange represents the 10% of highest earners while the pink represents the bottom 25% of earners. As we can see, the 10% of highest earners are situated along the Eastern seaboard and the coast of California. Taking a closer look at the map, and actually, not too far from us, Los Angeles is one of the cities with a large income inequality.

The divide between the poor and the rich is growing bigger. It is looking more black and white. Due to the separation/divide of these two populations, the lower class population does not have access to opportunities that may help alleviate their financial situations. The struggle up the economic latter is becoming worst and many times is unreachable.

This makes me think of so many different things. First, what is going on with this nation? Our priorities seem to be in the wrong place. Why is there such great disparity between incomes and most importantly, why is there roughly 46.2 million people living in poverty? The government has a lot to do with this inequality due to many laws that are passed or situations that benefit the rich such as tax write-offs. Our focus needs to be in narrowing the income inequality gap and helping the poor or people in need have access to government aid.

Second, this have many implications for school systems. If the rich are isolating themselves and living in particular areas, this means that there is greater funding for schools in those areas. What about schools in the inner city or in the valleys? These schools barely have any funding to cover the bare minimum. This income inequality is very dangerous and hinders society in many ways and in different areas. For this example, schools in inner cities are probably no preparing students for careers, but rather are preparing them to take on any job. This will only perpetuate the income inequality.

In conclusion, income inequality has and will have terrible consequences for the world of tomorrow. It is therefore important for society to remain informed and educated about what is going on today and to realize that this DOES affect each and every one of us, especially when it is very close to home.



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