Steven Mier Blog 2

Working Inequality

I came across this interesting political cartoon depicting working inequality in the United States. It shows a family eating dinner in a rather depressing manner. They are shown beneath a man who appears to be wealthy based on his two cars in the background and big screen television. The illustrator of the cartoon is trying to portray how the top 1% is reaping all the benefits of society by spending lavishly and exploiting the working class people. The caption at the top “split-level living” explains how in our society the wealthy continue to get richer at the expense of economic infrastructure. The cartoon shows how there is indeed a failure to acknowledge the public needs, education, defense, and health/welfare.  If Marx was alive today it would be quite interesting to see his reaction and his thoughts on this.  He would perhaps argue how things of the past have not quite changed and how the lower class continues to be oppressed by the Bourgeoisie. The sheer look of desperation of the proletariat gives the viewer a sense of pity and understanding.  The flip side of the matter portrays the private spending sector and their lust for greed and power.  In a capitalist society consumers are making upper class richer and giving them more power, and even though our economic well-being is suffering the wealthy look the other way.  The working class deserves the right to education, defense, health, and welfare.  These are essential for a stable economy as well as a thriving society.  The imbalance of power is the reason why the wealthy enjoy their leisure time at the public expense.


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