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Just today, it was reported that there has been a great setback for President Obama’s healthcare law. After working for two years to have the law get to the Supreme Court, now the law has been delayed a whole year. This means that not until 2015 people will be able to get health care.

The law mandated that employers with 50 people or more should provide coverage for their workers or pay a 2,000-dollar tax penalty. It also stated that any American that had not purchased health care insurance by 2014 would also have to pay a penalty. But the people were demanding for bigger changes because small businesses were already triggering the law.


I personally feel that this is an extremely sensitive subject because it will prove what the government can really get away with. The first reason why the law needed a revision was that it was mentioned in the court, that the government couldn’t make you buy something simply “just because.” If the law is passed, it will prove that there is really no limit for what the government can make Americans do. Then is the government simply just “looking out for us?” We all do need the coverage at some point in our lives. The fees are now being erased for only a year so that everyone can settle in. now that it needs an extra revision to implement the employers mandate and to clarify rules, things like people who work 30 hours plus or for those who work 40 hours plus. The 21-page application to apply, possible layoffs or reduction of hours need to be look out for etc. There are small minor details that need to be revised to make the law “perfect’ and gives time to improve or fix their existing coverage.

I feel like these are all just excuses to keep delaying the law. This law can help many people. Those who are in need of it, he people who work in their city small businesses can benefit from this. It is being seen now. I know that UCR has changed their school insurance coverage. I got an email about two weeks ago telling me that there will now be dental coverage too. I see how this wait can be somewhat good but I don’t think it is necessary for us to wait a whole extra year to review the law. They will probably do the same next year.

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