ERIKA AGUILAR BLOG 2 “Growing Inequality”



For the past decades we as a nation have made it a key mission to demonstrate that the government is trying their best to have equality for all, in many different departments. They keep passing laws that portray the message of not discriminating against any group. These pictures demonstrate two prime examples that occurred just recently to show that America is doing the exact opposite of what our constitution aims for. Just last week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriage and the reaction of the public to this ruling was not a positive one. People began bringing up the fact that same sec marriage was a double-standard for America and this is when the government decided to still debate on the law as they did once before.

The second example is shown through the second picture for voting rights. Just last week, also, the Supreme Court changed the provisions of the Voting Right Act to target southern states, whose primary racial groups are blacks and latinos in those states, limited their rights to vote. They are now requiring for these two groups to present legal documents in order to exercise their right to vote. The response they made for make such as change was for fear that their “power will weaken” if minority groups vote in large numbers.

These two very recent Supreme Court decisions show how America, although in the last couple years initially passed these two laws to show that they aim for equality within all groups, is double-guessing themselves and going back on their promise to the community. The reason for a change of mind is not because they do not want these groups to have these rights but because they fear that if these minority and sexual groups have these laws on their side, the government will be out numbered; its a power battle. Any law or decision that shifts power away from the government is not a law that should be implemented in their eyes.


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