Gender Inequality

Throughout the world many experience the effect of inequalities, some more than others. In particularly, transgender, a term which is used when an individual is not identified with the assigned sex they were given at birth. For example, when a child is born, their birth certificate will say the sex they are assigned but as they mature and get older their mind starts to change and begin to identify more with the opposite sex. ( The movie above, “A Girl like Me the Gwen Araujo Story” illustrates a true life story of a transgender female born as a male that started wearing feminine attire such as feminine clothing and make-up. She was beaten and killed by four boys that found out that she was transgender. I used this movie as an example, because in my opinion this movie represents how and what transgender go through and the inequalities they face. Above there is a quote from the mother, “when your son believes he’s meant to be a girl, you challenge him…you light him…you accept him…you love her” which I find very important because it shows her support and love for her daughter. I also like it because it indicates how the mom is accepting who she is. Overall this movie shows the struggles of what many face and how being different can change the lives of not just one person, but many. In the end it represents the inequalities of an individual and how being different can change everything, including the last breath they get to take.

I once saw a documentary, I believe it was the National Geographic channel, where there was a female now male in Guatemala that was born as a female and when he was nine he decided to cut his hair and change the way he dressed. Many people in town talked about him and didn’t think it was right for him to do that. His mother was shocked with what he did, especially at such a young age but respected him. He responded to the comments by not caring about what they had to say because at the end of the day he believed and knew who he was regardless of what gender he was born into.

Transgender people face inequality and discrimination in many ways. It makes it difficult for them to live their daily lives. They have to deal with job discrimination, harassment, and violence received from other people. According, to Daily News Los Angeles, they showed a video of a transgender female walking and behind her was a group of men. Where one of the men runs up to her and starts cruelly beating her. There was a $25,000 reward given for anybody who gave information about suspects. A few days later they arrested one of the suspects ( In addition to violence they face discrimination when seeking a job. A transgender can be discriminated and experience rejection from an employer. In a study conducted between 1996-2006, they surveyed six times during that period, 20-57 percent of transgender reported having been discriminated, fired, denied a promotion or harassed ( Although there are laws that would prevent an employer to discriminate they still have to deal with discrimination because of their identity.


In an article in the Los Angeles times “Senate OKs measure on transgender students on sports teams” discusses that California lawmakers sent the governor a measure that would permit transgender students to play sports and be able to use the restrooms they identified as their gender. But not everybody approves of this measure such as “Republicans including Sen. Jim Nielsen of Gerber opposed AB 1266, saying that it would violate the privacy of students who don’t want to share restrooms with members of the opposite sex…Think of all of the parents and all of the students that would be uncomfortable in this situation, and that a student has no burden but to declare that ‘I want to be in the boys shower or the girls shower’ that day,” Nielsen said during the floor debate.”

In my opinion, I believe a student can just choose what restroom they want to use, in terms of what sign represents their identity on the bathroom door. Most students have been around the same group of people and know their friends well to know if someone would just want to go in the restroom just because they wanted to see females. If a student really wants to be in a sport they shouldn’t be discriminated by the way their identified or viewed as by others. Everyone has rights and deserves to be treated equally and not to feel as if they don’t belong. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to go through all the discrimination and harassment. I think people need to be more aware and learn about what a transgender is and maybe they won’t feel so appalled about it. The world is changing every day and for some more than they like, many need to realize times are different. To avoid this continuing inequality placed upon transgender, we need to continue tactics such as informing, how just because they’re not seen as the social norms, they face getting abused, discriminated, and even death. Overall this needs to stop, I understand it will take time, but the sooner we realize the inequality of the situation, the sooner things can change.

Sonia Vera
Blog #2


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