Jennifer Rener Blog 2

Jennifer Rener Blog 2

This photo is such an accurate depiction of the mindset white Americans have today. Many people believe that just because racism has been outlawed and that segregation is illegal, that racism in it’s entirety has just disappeared. That could not be further away from the truth. Personally, I believe that racism is stronger than ever because it’s been outlawed. No, people cannot be blatantly racist and shout their racism from the rooftops but it has allowed people to become subtly racist. One way to keep whites and minorities segregated is though class inequality. A popular belief was the culture of poverty. The culture of poverty actually blames the victim for their own poor living. For example, it claims that blacks are stuck in poverty because of their culture (having a matriarchal system, bad morals, no work ethic, etc.). Unfortunately, many people (mostly conservatives) still believe that this is the reason why many people are stuck in their low social class in comparison to those in higher standings. Rather than acknowledging that there never were boot straps to pull up, white America continues to push the blame on the minorities for their lack of success. It may seem reasonable to do this because of the equality laws that we have today. One might say, “well, we have equality in the States now so your lack of success can’t because of racism because that’s gone. It’s probably your fault because you don’t want to succeed the way others have.”


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