Lori Ayala Blog#2


In celebration of the independence of the United States of America I would like to remind us how this country started. We are all taught that the reason for this country even existing was because the English were running away from religious persecution. But that was not really the whole story. Everything started when the London Company establishes themselves in Jamestown, in 1607, the first colony of the thirteen. Jamestown was created to make money for its investors they believed that they would find gold, but when they got there they came to find out there was none. These British people seemed to be too dumb to know how to survive. It was said by the Captain John Smith that (at one point ruled the colony) “the colony would rather starve then farm.” This is when the exploitation all began in the US.

Since the British didn’t know how to survive they used the Indians to “trade”. They traded food (Indians) for utensils, guns and other useful things that they needed. But soon the Europeans started to take everything the Indians had. They made the Indians work twice as hard to hunt to be able to feed them. The Europeans started claiming land and slowly kick the Indians off their own land. This not only became a problem with the Europeans but it caused the Indians to turn against each other; for food, and land. In around 1682 the when New Amsterdam, Pennsylvania was bought off the Indians for $24
The list could simple keep going of all the things the British had done to the people of this nation. This country was not based on every man created equally, it was solemnly based on taking what was not theirs, on killing, on taking advantage of those less fortunate (the Indians), and on making money. The British just like the Americans of today all they care(d) about is money! All they did was get rid of anyone or anything that got in their way. Just like they wanted the Indians to be “civilized” however many rejected the idea of even living like the whites. Those Natives who agreed simply to keep peace, failed. After many were killed because they were “savages,” others were made slaves, and some escaped but with time all the Native Indians to this land were segregated and laws were made against them. In the end they made them agree to give up their land, given land that only they could live on, and given money to be able to “survive.”


So in the end when we are celebrating this “wonderful” day, July 4th with barbecues, family time, and fireworks we should take a look of all the horrible things that occurred to this lad to be “free.” We should realize that this land was not gained with any type or morality or justice. This land is still not just; everything that we have been taught had been cleaned up to make it seem like the USA is one of the best places on earth, when in reality it’s not even close. The Natives to this land have been marginalized so much in this country that we forget that they were here before anyone else, that this is really their land! These people are part of the American history, not just on the side lines. We shouldn’t feel pity for them, not should we think that they “at least benefited from all of this” when in reality they don’t. My only question is, why do we celebrate this horrible act? It simply led to more and more land taking of others who were already on this land. Nothing that the Americans have gained is truly theirs; it had been taken from others.


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