Maricruz Rendon Blog 2 “SWEATSHOPS”

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Getting paid minimum wage for some people in the United States seems to be unfair and state that they are being abused and compare themselves to slaves. There are many people in the United States who live pay check by pay check on a minimum wage standard and are not able to survive still maintaining a family, many have to get two jobs to be able to live comfortable. When I look into different countries and see who bad they are treated and how much they have to work for such little pay; I don’t understand how people in the United States petition to get a higher pay if they do not want to work more hours. For example, sweatshops, they violate all human rights. They are shops or factories in which employees have to work long hours at low wages under poor conditions. People from China and many countries in the third world are not safe from these types of labor work conditions.
Sweatshops Nike-Sweatshops-01

Nike is a very well-known athletic shoe and clothes company who owns many sweatshops in China. Nike employees get paid less than 20 cents an hour and work many hours a day. When these employees work over time they do not get paid or recompensed. The average pay of a worker is $1.20 a day which is not sufficient to buy at least one small meal in china. Workers are not permitted to take any breaks during these long hours of work, and are not allowed to go to the washroom more than once. When, as often is the case, employees do not complete their work for the day, they are forced to work without pay until they complete it. Nike should not be permitted to force their employees to work as long as is stated above. In addition, Nike employees do not work in safe and sanitary working conditions. It is a common occurrence for workers to faint from exhaustion, heat, fumes and poor nutrition during their shifts. The employees get hit by their supervisor if they are not doing something right and get punished for messing one pair of shoes up.
In conclusion, Nike does not provide a beneficial working environment for its employees, through its low wages, the unbelievably long working hours, and through the dreadful working conditions. In no country should Nike sweatshops be legal. Nike is abusing its power, and it has to stop! Nobody deserves to be treated the way these people are treated. They are human as well and should not be exploited the way they do. I understand that our society today is distinct but when I see people complaining I remember how bad other countries are and try to understand the inequalities that lay between us.


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