Matt Phutisatayakul Blog #2 – Workers are also Customers


Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Coming out of the cold war, the restrictions of communism disappeared and the United States moved towards a global free market. However, there was a big flaw in this move towards globalization, because economic exchange was under different legal international conditions. Not every country shared the same laws as the United States, which stirred up the global inequalities and created more class conflicts not just internationally, but in the United States as well. Businesses that once made this country great were moving away from Henry Ford’s idea of a good business. Technology and outsourcing made production more efficient and they let go of domestic workers in order to maximize efficiency and profits. Only looking to maximize surplus and profits, they dug their own grave, and their former workers are jobless or working at a less paying job so they could not afford to buy the products that they once made anymore. The United States started to slow down economically and the bourgeoisie had evolved through globalization into an international super power not bounded by a country’s borders. Also by maximizing surplus and efficiency, the lower class are being globally exploited by trans-national companies. The gap between the rich and the poor is stretching further and further and the middle class is being pulled into disappearance. 



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