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20090114_0209leader_vwThis image shows the relationships between the upper class and lower class on how they look down on the lower class. It also shows the gaps and inequalities of the upper and lower classes. In this article, “Social Inequality Gap Remain, Report Finds”  by Sarah Cassidy described how labour failed to close the inequality gap and Britain is still an unequal society of labour rule. Social background plays a big role in society because if you are upper class you get more advantages to doing things than the lower class. Cassidy wrote, ” It found that poorer children are less ready to learn when they start school than those from richer families and the gap widens as they progress through the education system.” This shows how the poorer families are less likely to have the resources to get their children ready to school. Richer families are able to afford and get more resources for their children because they do not have to worry about any financial problems. You can see the gap inequalities in the social classes because of the resources and advantages the upper class have over the lower class. You are still able to see the gap and it will never be equal between the upper and lower class.


The Link to Sarah Cassidy’s article, “Social Inequality gap remains, Report Finds.”


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