The B Team Launches: Non Profit Group Aims to Build Better Version of Capitalism by Jessica Ma

The B Team is a group of business leaders who strive to create a business world which acts as a driving force for  “social, environmental, and economic benefit.”  Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, and Jochen Zeitz, chairman of Puma established the B Team.  In order to create their ideal business world, they want to improve capitalism by placing our people and our planet above making profits.  They are working alongside other business leaders from around the world and with the government to pursue this new concept.  With the knowledge that this new mentality differs from the current business mentality, they are aware of the challenges they will face.  However, they are confident that if businesses adapt to these priorities the world will benefit in the long run.
In the video uploaded on the article, they mention that unemployment and inequality is at its peak.  By implementing their improved version of capitalism, they hope to decrease both unemployment and inequality.  I agree with the B Team’s goals because I believe by helping the environment and people, our society will have even more opportunities to grow.  In addition, with all of the resources we use from the environment, the environment will not deteriorate if we take care of it.  While, this goal will take some time for the world to implement, I agree that it is crucial for the longevity of people and the planet.


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