UC programs in lieu of affirmative action show limited success by Julia New

Affirmative Action

UC Riverside is often noted for it’s diversity and for it’s large number of minorities accepted. Being a UC Riverside student myself, I do notice the diversity on my campus and how it affects the school. There are so many resources and activities on campus where minorities can go to for help or for fun. Coming from a predominantly Asian and Caucasian majority city, I did not have that many chances to interact with other people of minority. I have met people of other races that I have never even heard of before or seen before. Personalities are also really diverse, I have met all sorts of people and it’s the first school I’ve been to that actually perfectly accepts gay/lesbian profesors. UC Riverside overall has a very accepting attitude and encourages diversity and seems to create a safe open environment where minorities feel comfortable. While looking through articles, issues regarding “Affirmative Action” catches my attention. The UC systems used “Affirmative Action” as part of their selection and admissions criteria.  Affirmative Action was supposed to counter racial, gender, and sexuality discrimination to give opportunity for other minority races to excel in society http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/affirmative%20action.

Basically, the UCs at one point selected a certain amount of minorities to diversify the campus; however in 1995, the UCs banned using Affirmative Action in top notch UC schools like UCLA and Berkeley. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-affirm-action-colleges-20130701,0,141481.story

Some people complained that it was not fair towards Whites and East Asians for they had to deny admission to some more qualified white and Asian candidates to leave room for more minorities.  Many complained about the decline in UCLA and Berkeley’s minority population and acceptance rate and thought it was unfair. Either way, both sides have it’s inequalities because one race or another would suffer regardless whether there is Affirmative action or not.

Basically, majority of the American population, approximately 47% believe that there would not be a change in representation of minorities as if there was still Affirmative Action.


However, the removal of the Affirmative Action plan did not change much because there were other opportunities in the school system that would help minorities get into top notch, evening out the gap between minorities and whites going to college. For example, Univeristy studends would go to minority low income schools and help tutor students in academics and SATs. Also, students who are top 10 percent in their schools are guaranteed admission into the UC system regardless of race so this is another opportunity. Also, UCLA and Berkeley would host events that would encourage minorities to attend and be interested in applying to the schools. Now the UC admission standards have also changed a bit because they no longer only solely look at GPA or test scores, but rather at persoanlity, accomplishments, and overcoming obstacles in their personal statement; many minorities have gone through a lot to be where they are now. So basically despite the affirmative action being removed, other alternatives were formed to fix the bridges in education between whites and minorities made the ban not much of a difference.


In another article, Affirmative Action’s advantage is gives other minorities a chance to excel in work or education who otherwise would not have had a chance. Abigail Fisher—a white student from Stephen F. Austin High School in Sugar Land, Texas sues the college admissions for being denied admission because of her race. Advocates of Affirmative Action actually contradicts it’s original noble purpose because it actually creates even more racial resentment than racial unity/tolerance. The author himself is a minority is not a big fan of Affirmative Action either because he doesn’t want admission standards dumbed down or watered down for him just because of his race because he wants to show that he can do as well as anybody else regardless of race. Lowering admission standards for minorities is degrading to minorities themselves because it is a stereotypical idea that minorities cannot excel on their own and need an extra boost, nudge, or easier system to get into college; otherwise they would not stand a chance. People should have equal opportunity to education and jobs regardless of race, gender, or class. http://indyreader.org/content/why-gaffirmative-action-should-be-upheldIn my opinion, I also agree that Affirmative Action is more harmful than good because it does cause people to be more hostile towards minorities due to the common stereotype that admission standards had to be lower for them. Also, some people who are more qualified than the minority get rejected from the colleges which is not fair to those who actually worked hard and earned their way into college fair and square. Everybody should have equal opportunities and challenges to get into college, this would also motivate minorities to work harder to get ahead in the world, rather than depending on affirmative action to get them into college. Otherwise, there would not be much motivation for minorities to study hard in school and develop the skills necessary to succeed in college. Not saying blacks and hispanics should not go to college or anything, I mean they definitely should; I just believe that they should be held to the same standards and expectations of everybody else. This is true equality, given that everybody has the same potential, expectations, standards and chances of getting into college. If less minorities are being admitted into colleges, then this should spark for others to make a difference and start getting minorities more interested in going to college. Also, Affirmative Action was solely used to clear America’s reputation for being mean to minorities.


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