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                There are many types of inequality and the one that is getting a great deal of attention is income inequality. However, inequality is not only just persistent in income but also can be in life span. For instance, research studies show that a baby born in regions of New Orleans will die 7 years before a baby born in the southwest region of Louisianan. Also, African Americans will be outlived by Asian American by about 10 years. These differences are not primarily based upon access to healthcare, but rather a person’s daily living type. A person in a poor neighborhood that doesn’t have easy access to groceries and park for daily exercise will be less healthier than a person who does.  In addition, the people in poorer families have a higher stress levels because they have to live paycheck to paycheck without knowing if they will have enough to get by each month.  Furthermore, another type of inequality is present in the environments in which different groups of people live in.  For example, in New York City the Bronx area is used for waste disposal with a total of 19 facilities to recycle garbage, while Manhattan has none.  This shows a clear line of inequality because the Bronx being a poorer area has to have more pollution than a richer area like Manhattan and that has caused the South Bronx region to have the top rates of asthma hospitalization.  Similarly, there is inequality in the education system as well.  The Los Angeles Unified School district contains high schools that have great facilities, libraries, and coursework while at the same time has schools that are overcrowded, outdated with not many advanced options for courses.  It is not a surprise that the better school have a higher graduation rate and that the poorer schools have students that have are from poverty.  It shows that the students who are in most need have the fewest resources. The picture shows a mix of different race children studying together and it is ironic because education is seen has the solution to fixing inequality, yet in actuality it is also one of the reasons that is causing it. This only furthers the inequality gap between the poor and the rich.  Also, inequality in wealth shows that even though African-American are 43 percent more likely to obtain a Master’s Degree in Business than White Americans they are only 1/3 likely to become business owners.  This is because the average white household has about twenty times the average wealth of an African American household, which means that they have fewer saving to invest in business.  Thus, this implies that there are various components of inequality that are occurring and furthering the gap between classes.

Source link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kristen-lewis/inequality-shifting-the-s_b_3561378.htmlImage


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