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Article: http://www.nj.com/times-opinion/index.ssf/2013/07/opinion_gov_christie_nj_republ.html

For many decades now women have fought a war against inequality, especially in the workforce. Statistically speaking, women earn about 23 cents less than their male counterparts even though they make up an estimated 40 percent of the breadwinners in their households. Yes, women have come a very long way, having more gender equality than the women who lived a century ago. However, women worldwide still face an incredible amount of gender inequality simply because they are women. And though women with higher positions tend to advocate for basic women’s right, sadly there are those people like Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey who perform completely the opposite. What I mean is that according to author and Democrat Senator Loretta Weinberg, right after taking office, Governor Christie has “relentlessly worked to maintain gender inequality in the workplace.” For instance, the Senator Weinberg states that Chris Christie vetoed three bills that were introduced by the Democrats and adopted by Legislature that would help wage equality in the state of New Jersey. Furthermore, Gov. Christie even “vetoed a bill that would have helped the government choose contractors on the basis of their equal pay policy!”  



What is more upsetting is that Gov. Christie straight out cut funding for fundamental reproductive health-care programs. That is six Planned Parenthood clinics were shut down and as a grave consequence thousands of women “cannot get gynecological care, counseling on reproductive choices, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease, because they cannot afford it.” Although Democrats in New Jersey have sponsored many bills that would support these deprived women, Gov. Christie once again vetoed them all. It seems to me that women are unfairly treated in every aspect of their lives. I do not mean to only bash on Gov. Christie because he is not the only or the first or the last Republican or man to oppose gender equality in the workforce but he is surely the most outspoken and controversial one. 


It is men like Governor Chris Christie that are a product of a patriarchal society. A society that encourages and permits gender inequality in the home as well as in the workplace because it has been normalized and internalized by the society as a whole. Unfortunately there is no one culprit whom we can blame since inequality has been a historic and social trend since the birth of America. Moreover, Weinberg highlights that “while 51.1 percent of U.S. college graduates are women, men represent 95.8 percent of the Fortunate 500 CEOs.” This is inevitably a true fact. Anywhere really women are disproportionately represented. In the Senate, for example, just 36 Senators are women compared to 62 Senators who are men. If women make up about half of the world’s population, should they not make up about half of the politicians or business-women? If America truly believes that every man and women are created equal in the eyes of God, I strongly believe that that same belief should be equivalent in the eyes of the law. People should start voting FOR the people, NOT for the political parties (that only advocate for the domination of men if I may add).




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