Ezmeralda Garcia, Blog #3

Beginning on March 1st of this year, budget cuts due to the sequestration in the United States began to take affect. For those unaware, the sequestration is the process of the federal government taking legal assets until debt has been paid. This was the consequence of lawmakers failing to provide a budget for the 2013 fiscal year. The “Sequester” was meant to take away from programs that both the Republican and Democrat Parties supported. This includes military programs supported by Republicans and Head Start programs supported by Democrats. As months have gone by, Head Start programs have been severely penalized forcing them to limit the amount of students and even forcing some to shut down completely. This video provides further details to help explain the purpose of Head Start Programs. Sequestration- Head Start

This week’s lesson about social inequality is clearly demonstrated by this issue. Bernstein and Warren both mention the struggle for upward mobility in the United States and the vanishing middle class. As described in other readings this week, some of the highest number of individuals in poverty are female headed families. This is due to their lack of second person income and opportunities for a higher education. The sequester is worsening the situation for low income families and making it almost impossible for families to survive in today’s expensive world.


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