Mireya Cano Blog 3

California Job Creations are Perpetuating Inequality


Initially, California was at a 10.1 percent unemployment rate due to the recession and later dropped to 9.8 percent. Thousands of jobs were lost and a great number of people had to rely on public assistance, self-employment, or doubling -up with other families. Although the unemployment rate has decreased, the number of people living in poverty has increased due to the type of jobs that were created, specifically here in California. The job sector where most jobs were created was in the Services Sector. 

The Service Industry is one or probably the only industry that offers terribly low wages, no benefits, no vacation days, etc. People that work in these jobs do not make enough money to survive. Many of them work while receiving public assistance from the government while others (mainly Latino families) double up with other families to live under one roof because they simply cannot afford it on their own with the wages they earn. 

I find this irritating, yet I am not surprised. Irritating because it is obvious that we have a serious poverty issue here in California and offering beneficial and great job opportunities to many will help alleviate their financial burden. However, I am not surprised because our country’s priority has never been to help those in need. It has been to bail out Corporations and glorify the Entertainment Industry. 

By creating more jobs in the Service Sector, poverty and inequality are only being perpetuated. People are not earning enough money to afford a living, to provide for their families, and not to mention how difficult it is due to the rising prices in food and housing. There is no economic mobility for the people in this sector. This affects California the most I believe because we have high numbers of Latinos as well as high numbers in education and income inequality. 

It is such a vicious cycle and it is no wonder why California, actually, the entire United States, has such a low percentage in pulling people out of poverty. People need better jobs, a better pay, and benefits. People need to survive! 


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