Sophia Truong, Blog 3


The income parade is a visual representation of our society’s income. It classifies people into different social classes, depending on where in line each person stands. The shortest people symbolize the poor, and the tallest people symbolize the rich. If you notice at the beginning of the line are mostly women. The first person in line is not only a female, but also black. In the center of the line, you can see that it consists mostly of men. There is a mix of white men and black men, but towards the end of the line, there are only white men. This goes to show that women on average make less money than than men. Colored people also make less money than whites. 


The difference between the poor and the rich is very dramatic. The two pictures above are the living conditions of each group. The picture on the left has two children sitting on a bed, in which they both probably have to share every night. They hang paper on their walls as decorations. The environment looks very dark and dirty. Now, look at the picture on the right. This is a house in Beverley Hills, California. Light is illuminated in each room, including the swimming pool outside. It is very clean and the house includes furniture that is probably very expensive. 

 Not only do these two classes have distinct living conditions, but they also have different sources of income. The poor mainly obtains income through social security, food stamps, public assistance, and other benefits, while the rich get their money from job salaries, and the richest of the rich get their money through stocks and bonds. These are just some of the differences between these two classes.


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