Stephanie Mendez Blog # 3 “Inmates on Strike”

Over the years there has been an increase in the amounts of inmates in prison, which is causing there to be large amounts of overcrowding. Consequence too many prisons have been built and new one’s continue to be built because of the over population of inmates. The more crowded and the more prisons that are being built means there are fewer funds. Most of the inmates who are incarcerated at the moment are minorities such as African American and Latino/Latina. Although crime rates have been declining, Incarceration rates continue to increase. Recently, 29,000 inmates in High Desert State Prison are on a hunger strike because they demand, “improved prison conditions, including cleaner facilities, better food and more access to the prison library.” Due to the over crowding and funding prison inmates are¬†unconstitutionally not being well taken care of. Recently there has been an unchecked outbreak of potentially deadly valley fever that has not yet been treated. Furthermore, Inmates have been on strike for a few days now but the state will not acknowledge the hunger strike until inmates strike for nine consecutive days.

High Desert State Prison

This picture only shows a few buildings , it helps me understand how small it is and how as many as thousands of prisoners are being detained in such a small confinement.

Inmates are not being treated as equals because of their incarceration. They are not being treated constitutionally because of the meals they are provided with and the small access they have to books and other resources. Although they have committed a harsh crime their health should still be taken into consideration. The fever that is going around has not yet been dealt with even though it can potentially harm many inmates.,0,3342394.story


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