Steven Mier Blog 3

Working Hard, or Hardy Working?

This is a rather interesting take on unions by a rather biased individual. The image depicts a group of men standing around while on the clock not working. Some are even shown with their hands in their pockets. The caption beneath portrays these workers as lazy individuals abusing the system and by system I mean union protection. One cannot help but wonder what would happen if workers such as these were not protected by unions. Most employers would fire individuals who stand around with their arms crossed being unproductive. This relates to one of our readings on how to “make work pay.” The concept was meant to protect workers from inequality, but as this image shows can also be used to take advantage of employers. There seems to be a lack of fear from being fired implemented by unionization. Workers at times hide behind unions in a way shielding them from unemployment. Work ethic may be questioned in images such as these and many taxpayers may feel like they’re being used. Not to say that all union workers are lazy, but a good argument would be that some limit the power of employers therefore leading to low productivity.


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