Blog #3 Suthikiat Phutisatayakul: Social Class Inequality plus Racial Inequality


A lot of people come to this country looking for a better life thinking everything is fair and it is all freedom and equality in the United States. When it really is not people who are not immigrants are already being exposed by corporations and people who come here undocumented are exposed further than that. They come here thinking life will be a lot better than working back at their home country but they end up working for less than minimum wage and living in terrible living conditions. Sometimes they have to juggle making choices that should not be choices but necessities like whether to provide clean water and food or a place to live in. This article I read talks about a little city in central California called Kettleman and it focuses on five Mexican women who live in an area full of toxic and waste dumps so bad that one out of four babies born face deformity. These five have personally experienced it through the deformities and death of their children and are struggling to get the state puppet ran by corporations to do something about this crisis. They took the battle to San Francisco where EPA regional administrator agreed to come see the city but the article conclude with a sense that the EPA administrator still has not shown up. Does the government even care or do they care more about the revenue these corporations provide the country?


            This leaves me thinking why does this happen, the United States preaches a united country where segregation is no longer a problem and anybody can strive for the American Dream.In the media it shows that we are busy providing democracy to other countries but in our own country we fight a battle against poverty caused by corporations. How is it a democracy if the people at the bottom have no choice but to live in this endless poverty cycle where they work below the minimum hours for healthcare, they do not receive enough hours to make ends meet, having to borrow money and destroy their own credit, not being able to lift their children up to support themselves and the cycle continues. 



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