Jennifer Rener Blog 3

Jennifer Rener Blog 3

The American Dream is something that people all over the world want to achieve. While there is no one specific idea of what that may be, there is a general guideline — own a home, make plenty of money, and support your family. It’s easy to pick on someone who looks different than the majority. In the United States, it seems to be Chicanos who have been a major target throughout the United States. Because of all the “anti-Mexican” laws that are present in the country, it makes obtaining the American Dream extremely challenging if not impossible.
One way white America makes it impossible for most Chicanos to excel is by applying the Mexican Exception to the 4th Amendment. The 4th Amendment does not allow for unlawful searches or seizures without a warrant. In the case of Verdugo Urquidez, he was a suspected drug dealer from Mexico who was arrested and brought to the US.
The police searched his homes without a warrant. The supreme court ruled that the 4th amendment is only valid for US citizens and that even though he was legally and willing in the United States, it wasn’t applicable to him. With crooked supreme justices like the ones who served on this case, how can the American Dream really be obtained? With many Chicanos not only being threatened to be deported, but also being given poor working conditions and below minimum wage pay, it’s no wonder why the lower class is predominantly Chicanos.


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