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As we all know, social inequality has existed and will exist for a long time. All kinds of people no matter what race one is has at one point been discriminated for something with little importance; their physical, the way they think, etc. Even though we do not see much racism nowadays it does exist. We do not need to see places segregated in order to say that racism exist, but we can see this through the actions of certain people who have power over others, especially in the work force. For many years know, a lot of undocumented people have been exploited. They get hired for a certain amount of time; get a certain amount of pay which sometimes does not even match minimum wage. As we were discussing today in lecture, there are many companies that hire part time job employees and keep them there with the hope of one day getting hired through the company to receive full benefits. A lot of time things do not work out. My brother worked various months for a company out here in Riverside as a part time employee in hope of getting hired. The case being that many of his co-workers who had been there a bit longer had the same hope. When it came down to a point where they almost maxed the amount of time they had to work to receive full position they would get laid off with the excuse that there was a cut with the contractionist. The expectation would be that the people who got there last would get laid off first, but the company would let go of the people who had been working there longer as a part time and would keep the latest employees until they reached a certain point and the cycle would repeat. My brother would tell me that they had to work under the heat for several hours and that his manager would treat them as if they were slaves. He once told me that he made a man pee on his pants because he did not want to let him go to the restroom. He also stated that he made a young man pluck out weeds, in the sun last summer and that it was so hot that the young man fainted and the manager did not go help him not offered him some water.
The point that I am trying to get through is that many people are treated unequal everywhere they go. It can be in school, at the gym, at the store, or even their own home. People from all kinds of races can be unequally judged it’s just that some get more harassed than others. In the work place, employees are treated like slaves; some are beaten, mistreated and abused but in this case, undocumented people are the ones that suffer from this the most. Many feel like they cannot speak up because of the fear that they will get deported to the country where they originally came from and others of fear of getting fired. I believe immigrants from all over the world should be treated equally. the United States is built of immigrant labor as stated in the article. Many people blame immigrants from taking the Americans jobs but it is not like that. Many immigrants come to the United States in hope of a better life and to fulfill a dream.


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