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In this picture it represents poverty and shows all the things the lower class needs help with and what is creating poverty. The government needs to help decrease poverty by giving more resources to the lower class. They need to stop laying off all the working class because this is what leads to poverty. In this article, “Rising Poverty and Social Inequality in America” by Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer, they described how the rich are getting richer and the everyone else are getting poorer. One reason for this is because many good-paying manufacturing jobs have migrated overseas and technology has replaced good-paying jobs. What plays a big part in poverty is how the government is changing the tax rates. Robertson and Leumer wrote, “The economic struggles of the middle and working classes in the U.S. since the late 1970s were not primarily the result of globalization and technological changes but rather a long series of policy changes in government that overwhelmingly favored the very rich.” The government allowed those who were already wealthy to get an increase share of the nation’s economic benefits. The rich people are taking advantage of their wealth to lobby the politicians and this creates more money for them. On the other hand, the income of working people and the poor has declined, but their taxes have increased. This has caused the inequality of the wealthy and the poor and creating more poverty for the poor. The government needs to increase the taxes for the wealthy and decrease the taxes for the poor. This would help decrease poverty because the poor would have the money to get food and any kind of resources that they need to survive. The government needs to pay more attention the poor because they are the ones in need.


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