Poverty Amongst Senior Citizens

Reading the Poorhouse article by Michael Katz had me thinking about the poverty amongst those who were helpless in the sense of physical and mental factors. With this I also started to think about the elderly and the obstacles they go through when it comes to finances. The problem is the limited resources that are available for the elderly. There is also the factor that some of these people did not save enough for retirement. There is a an attempt to help the elderly have things more accessible to them like discounts and community housing designed for them. However, this may not be enough to make ends meet. The Elder Economic Security Index is a program designed for specific counties that look at the expenses of the elderly and help out with basic necessities for those who are living independently.


But thats the problem, it only focuses on those who are living independently so as not to commit to long term help because it will amount to a more costly result. The elderly spent their lifetime trying to support themselves and their families that when it comes to retirement there isn’t enough. There is also the separation amongst the elderly and the non elderly. For most americans we try to live the american dream to prosper but to prosper on your own. We do not help each other and the elderly are treated unequally because of their incapability to do things. We may help to a certain extent but not the way other ethnic backgrounds do. For example, in the Asian and Hispanic Community it is the duty of the children to take care of the parents once they get older. They live together with the elderly providing housing, food, and health care when they need it. There needs to be more consideration for the elderly in the sense that they spent their lifetime providing for their family that they sometimes have nothing left for themselves. It not only the duty of the government to help those in need but also the non-elderly.

Compassion for the Elderly banner



Jocelyn Zamora


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