Youth Unemployment – Ivette Mota

Youth unemployment is something many argue the United States government has not given enough attention to. For example, Arianna Huffington feels it is not being addressed, as seen at the end of this blog. One problem she mentions is the difficulty for youth graduates to find work in their academic fields. Consequences for this are temporary jobs in other fields, and possibly lower-paying jobs which might not have required a degree.  To put a number on the problem, the Center for American Progress stated that 10 million youth under the age of 25 are unable to find full-time work. And when comparing youths to others in different age groups, youth unemployment levels are greater, as shown below.Image

In another Huffington Post article, it was said that “young people who have been out of work for six months can expect to earn $22,000 less over the next 10 years than they could have earned if they had not been unemployed.” One reason why this might be true may include the notion of experience; this is particularly difficult for those who are starting out in new fields. The often quoted mantra is “you need to have experience to get experience.”

One solution many propose to lower youth unemployment is to quicken job creation. Not only will new jobs have to be created, they must be in broad-areas as youth come from different walks of life and have different work experiences. Evidently, the effects of these issues come at a time when youth want to pay off loans, save for a home, and may on the long run be detrimental to starting life savings. On the other hand, there are many whom do not have any college education and go through a harder time looking for work while competing with graduates – all the while looking for the same ends. College educated or not, willing and hopeful youth seek the same benefits.

Arianna Huffington clip.


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