Jasmeet Samra Blog 4

A recent study has shown one of the most important inequalities that is present in society today. The study found that in a workplace both men and women will start at the same pay range for their salary, but over time men will begin to have an increase in their wages that surpasses that of women. Although the lead researcher for the site PayScale views the fact that men make more money than women while doing the same job with the same qualifications as a myth, PayScale shows that is indeed false. In terms of non-managerial jobs women earn about 98% of what men earn, and in executive positions women only earn about 91% of what men earn. Even when variables that may seem to cause the difference are held constant the outcome is that men still make more money than women as shown in the first graph. It highlights that discrimination is occurring and persistent against women causing a gender income gap. Regardless of how much of difference in incomes may be between men and women (which is as shown in the second graph as extremely high when variables aren’t controlled), the fact that it is happening is appalling and indicates that women are being treated unequal. Also, according to the National Women’s Law Center women hold about 2/3 of the low-wage jobs when compared to men, and out of the 500 companies analyzed by PayScale only 4 percent of them had CEOs that were women. Therefore, not only are women getting paid less they also are not being hired for leadership position jobs. By doing so women become limited in their options for the type of work they can take and are being oppressed as well as dominated by men in the workplace. It is a clear instance of class inequality based upon gender because there should be no reason that two equally competent employee be treated differently simply because they differ biologically.

Link to source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/30/payscale-study-women_n_3360863.html



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