Sophia Truong, Blog 4


It’s sad to hear that the two main stereotypes of women are either a “Ditz” or a “Bitch.” In the photograph above, these two congressional women were classified within each of the categories. When Hilary Clinton and Sarah Pailin both ran for political office, Pailin was often referred to as an attractive shopaholic that was only valuable for her good looks. She dressed fashionable (for a congress woman) and males would often make sexual jokes about her. People even produced an imitation pornographic film on her. She was the Ditz that many Americans look down upon.

Sarah Pailin is the complete opposite. She had characteristic traits that seem very male-like, very dominant and assertive. In the election, she presented herself in conservative clothing and a stern attitude. A New York article said that Clinton was “Grind, scold, harpy, shrew, priss, teacher’s pet, killjoy.” Hilary Clinton was basically a bitch. This is also looked down upon in America.

My question is: Why is it that females can never have a positive image? Are males threatened, for example in the case of Hilary Clinton’s election, in which they have to call us degrading names in order to protect their own ego? Is it fear that one day women will catch up to men in equality? And why must women often be sexualized for the male’s desire? These are all feminist questions that I always ponder about.

The truth is that women will always be subordinate to men; we do not have positive stigmas attached to our gender type. And women also promote this sort of attitude when they seem to enjoy the attention. In the photograph below is an example of a woman who is being objectified as a sex toy. The male is biting on her clothes and wanting to tear it off. In this case, whose fault is this for the “slut” stigma? The male’s—who is instigating the situation, or the female’s—who is dressed this way in the first place and ALLOWING the male to do so?

Women choose to wear the clothes that they wear, act the way they act, and present themselves the way they do. Many rape cases say that it is the woman’s fault for the crime, because they acted promiscuously towards the rapist and “wanted the sex.”




My point here is that it is both the men and women’s fault for these stereotypes. Women should take a stand against this and stop acting promiscuously so that men can treat us the right way. And men should not view authoritative women as bitches.


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