Evaluating Teachers

By, Lyna Hao

http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-education-clash 20130715,0,2274338.story

President Obama has a new vision in education and that is to evaluate all the teachers. California, the state that usually supports Obama’s decisions, has turned their back on his technique and refuses to grade the performance of their teachers. Obama wanted to evaluate each teacher and see whether they were good teachers or whether they should be let go. This plan is although very controversial because fact is, there are 300,000 teachers in California and within that amount, 10% of them are the best in the world and another 10% who are at the bottom, but no one will be able to distinguish between the two just by an evaluation.

To some extent, I agree and disagree to this plan. I agree to this plan because I believe it will benefit the schools in California if we eliminated all those teachers who are not being affective in a child’s learning. At the same time, I also disagree with this plan because if bad scores are shown on their students test scores, sometimes it is not the teachers fault, but a deeper reason, such as family and economic issues. If this is how they evaluate a teacher, I do not think it would be right as well. 



I choose this above photo because I wanted to show how many public schools in California are over populated and many time the ratio of teacher student is 1-30. Having one teacher provide a solid and great learning experience for her 30 students is impossible. These things need to come into account when teachers are evaluated as well. 


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