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The cartoon above shows a woman trying to enter a location that offers great careers and is an equal opportunity employer. This means that employers will not discriminate employees’/applicants’ based on their race, sex, religion, color, and country of origin. Essentially, making access to employment equal for everyone. 

However, if you notice in the cartoon, there is a silhouette of a man in the entrance of the building. This shows that employers do not abide by Equal Opportunity Employment. They have a “type” of person they want to work for their company. Reality is, not everyone will fit that criteria, and in the process, many will be discriminated on the grounds of sex, gender, race, and everything the Equal Opportunity Employment is against.

Also, the person in front of the building is a woman with a child. This cartoon portrays gender discrimination in the workforce. Many employers do not hire women for many reasons. Some reasons are that women can become pregnant and this means maternity leave. Employers want someone who will not miss work. Also, women may have children already or could possibly have children and motherhood entails calling off work if the child is sick or arriving late to work if childcare plans did not go accordingly. Women in the work force are thus, seen as unreliable. This is very unfortunate because data shows that women with children are more likely to live in poverty, especially when there is only one income in the household. Employment opportunities need to be made available to women and gender inequalities in the workforce need to end. Every single person has a talent and the potential to achieve something great, this includes women. Why are we limiting and making women socially immobile? Women need jobs just as much as men, if not, women probably need it more badly.


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