Paula Moua Blog 4


In this picture it represents how women need a raise in pay because they are not getting pay as much as they should. Also, to have equal work and pay like men. Women want the same right and equality as men when it comes to working and wages. Women generally get pay lower than men even when working in the same position. In this article, “Gender Inequality and Women in the Workplace” clarified how women are working at a low wage compare to men. It also tells us that women are working two jobs unlike men. Women have their pay job and then come home to their house work job. They have to help take care of all the house work and children. Women are expected to do care giving jobs or work, but men should help by taking care of some of the jobs too so women can concentrate on one job and not two. If men were to help more, women would be able to work more. This would help them get an advantage of getting a higher wage or equal pay like men. If women are able to attend school and get higher education, they should be able to get a higher pay too. It is said that there are more women attending school and getting a higher education than men. If that is the case, women should get equal pay in wages and men should help take care of housework and child care. This shows the inequality of gender wage difference of women and men. It is not fair for women to have to work two jobs and get pay lower than men.


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