Stephanie Mendez Blog Post #4



I decided to choose this picture because mother’s often have a hard time deciding whether to join the workforce or nor because of their children. Many time they end up joining the work force because income is needed. 

A few weeks ago I wrote about the inequality in pay between men and women. However, not only is there a difference in pay among men and women. Single women also make more money than women who have children. Inequality is not only happening among men and women but also among women and women. While married men with children make more money than single men, married women are given fewer hours at work and are paid a lower wage.  Regardless if a women is married or not if she has children employers tend to pay single women more even if they have the same skills and qualifications a women with children has.


Therefore, working mothers often have a harder time securing jobs, which results in more part time jobs versus full time jobs. However, a father’s pay is not affected by having children as long as the father puts in the same work effort. Single women make 90 cents to the dollar while working mothers make 80 cents to the dollar. Single mothers and mothers in general are facing severe inequality they should not face disadvantages because they are mothers. If anything working mothers work harder than anyone because of the “double shift” doing the work that needs to be done at home and at work.


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