Steven Mier Blog 4

Gender Inequality

Cartoons such as these are rather amusing because of the illustrations and how the artist portrays the characters. In this illustration there is a boss of some sort explaining to a woman why she is not paid enough. “We don’t pay you less because you’re a woman, we pay you less because we are men.” I’m not going to lie, when I first seen this I laughed out loud not because of the inequality, but the justification of inequality. In this case gender inequality in the workforce is taking place where men still continue to assert male dominance over women. There seems to be a sexist attitude in this piece because of the emphasis on “being a man.” In other words the boss in this cartoon is trying to say that men are exploiting women because of their gender and how society accepts the masculine gender norm. Feminists would be enraged by this man’s justification of wage inequality. The fact that men know they make more than women and continue to exploit them for their labor just goes to show how social ignorance still takes place.


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